Designed to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and transformative impact in the life sciences, the bioLOGIC Innovation Awards (BIAs) are open to early stage companies working to advance human health in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Eight applicants have advanced to the BIA Semifinals and have the opportunity to share their organization with the world through the two-week community voting process beginning January 15 and ending January 30, 2020.

Each voter will be able to vote once for their favorite startup organization below. Community voting comprises 25% of the total application decision, together with the Community Advisory Board votes (25%) and the bioLOGIC Board of Directors votes (50%). At the BIA Pitch Day Finals, one startup organization will be awarded $50k for their efforts to advance human health with passion, integrity and efficiency.

Meet the 2018-2019 BIA Semifinalists:


Company: Alphyn Biologics | Cheviot, OH

Mission: Precancerous skin lesions and nonmelanoma skin cancer have the highest incidence of any cancer in the US and are leading cancers worldwide, primarily concentrated among fair skinned people. Alphyn Biologics brings to life superior cures for precancerous skin lesions and nonmelanoma skin cancer through rigorous scientific and medical innovations created by the purification and fractionation of botanical biologic actives extracted from the Croton lechleri tree. Alphyn Biologics focuses on developing medically-proven alternative treatments for skin cancers that can eliminate trade-offs like scarring, pain or unsightly outcomes.

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Company: brightlamp | Indianapolis, IN

Mission: Brightlamp aims to make the world medically mobile by deploying advanced medical software onto a mobile application platform, democratizing healthcare and making it more accessible to all. Brightlamp is a software company that specializes in frontier computer vision methods. Brightlamp take these breakthrough methods and apply them to mobile solutions to assist in the advancement of healthcare. Their premier technology monitors your eye’s reaction to light so medical professionals can get more accurate and consistent neurological information with just the touch of a button.

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Company: Enlighten Mobility | Columbus, OH

Mission: Enlighten Mobility’s mission is to empower and advance the rehabilitation process for individuals who suffer from unilateral immobility. Approximately 186,000 individuals undergo a lower limb amputation each year. Despite the size of this affected group, innovation in the field of medical technology for these individuals is stagnant. The Enlight Walker, the first of many products for Enlighten Mobility, is a walker for amputees that aims to help providers and patients increase rehabilitation speed. 


Company: Innovative Therapeutix, Inc. | Louisville, KY

Mission: Innovative Therapeutix, Inc. is a pediatric-focused device company that solves medical and developmental issues in infants and children, preventing long-term and more complex problems while simultaneously providing opportunities for parent-infant bonding. LullaFeed™, the current product under development, is a music-based feeding device integrated within a baby’s bottle that allows parents and feeding specialists to support their child through the feeding progression, which is a problem for nearly 60 percent of infants each year.

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Company: Jaan Health | Cincinnati, OH

Mission: Jaan Health was founded with a single purpose – eliminating the logistical and technical barriers that prevent technology disadvantaged patients from being able to effectively communicate and follow-up with their healthcare providers between visits. Phamily, our patient communication technology, is a software-as-a-service platform that allows healthcare providers to generate new revenue and more easily support the care management needs of their patients. The smart patient engagement technology is designed to reduce the number of inefficient phone calls that take place between healthcare providers, patients and caregivers by replacing them with patient friendly text messaging.


Company: OmniVis | West Lafayette, IN

Mission: OmniVis works to create better health outcomes by designing affordable and easy-to-use technology solutions and devices that rapidly and accurately detect infectious diseases like cholera. Current cholera detection platforms are time intensive, costly, and imprecise, exacerbating wide-spread disease outbreaks throughout the world. This disease causes approximately 3 million cases across the globe each year and wastes $2 billion each year in treatments and lost productivity that could be avoidable through early detection. Using a revolutionary sensing technique to quantify and analyze bio-molecular solutions directly at the source, the OmniVis device and consumable test kit attaches to a smartphone and reduces the detection process to 30 minutes, accurately and affordably. 


Company: Predictive Wear | West Lafayette, IN

Mission: Predictive Wear’s mission is to drastically increase access to preventative and predictive medicine in underserved communities and developing nations. Predictive Wear strives to turn everyday garments into lifesaving diagnostic tools. By combining cutting-edge advances in biomedical engineering, textiles, and predictive analytics to turn garments into advanced biomedical sensors, the Predictive Wear team focuses on creating smart compression garments to help prevent deaths after orthopedic surgery.

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Company: Spirrow Therapeutics | West Lafayette, IN

Mission: Spirrow Therapeutics aims to be a life-guard for patients suffering from Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which is often described as “like drowning from within” due to its impairment of lung structure and function. Respiratory distress syndrome affects 3 million adults and 1.5 million premature infants around the world every year. Roughly half of all survivors will suffer from long term complications and mortality in adults remains at 40%. Spirrow's first-in-kind nanotechnology is delivered through the trachea as a fast-acting liquid or preemptive aerosol to serves as a “stent” for the impaired lungs, restoring structure and function for the duration of the patient’s healing process. This innovative new approach will dramatically improve the quality of care for these patients by reducing mortality, morbidity and time in intensive care.

Community Voting for the 2019-2020 BIAs will open on January 15, 2020.